The Tampa Area is growing by leaps and bounds, so where is everybody going?

The Tampa Area is Growing By Leaps & Bounds. So, where is everybody going?

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Hillsborough County’s population is projected to grow more than the Tampa MSA, the state of Florida, and the nation by 2025. As people move out of high-density metros, many look to the Tampa area. Both Hillsborough & Pasco counties are expected to grow at a faster rate...
Tampa Office Sales Comps October - November 2020 by John MIlsaps

Tampa Office Sales Comps & Report | OCT – NOV 2020

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2020 was unlike any other year we’ve experienced, in general, and in the commercial real estate space. In particular, because of the nature of the pandemic, the office market was especially impacted. The worst-hit were properties located in high-density cities and central...