3 Workplace & Office Trends & How You Can Make Small Changes For A Big Impact

3 Workplace & Office Trends & How You Can Make Small Changes For A Big Impact

The workforce and workplace are evolving. Business owners, office market investors, and property owners are encountering population, demographic, and labor force shifts that are altering the workforce and thus workplace environment. To remain competitive as a workplace and office property, business and property owners can adapt to these market trends without making big investments. Let’s take a look at four of these trends and how you can make some small adjustments that will make big impact.

Green Buildings

The conversation about more environmentally friendly working spaces is not new, yet many businesses and property owners have yet to make changes fearing they will have to make big investments. Read one of my recent blog posts for some quick updates you can make to your office property that could have an impact. Some other changes you can make that are more visible to your employees and tenants that can also have an impact are:

  • Switching from paper or foam cups for coffee. Invite workers to bring in their cups and make if fun with a contest for the best cup voted on by the office team.
  • Encourage employees to bring in a couple of plants for their workspace and the office. The plants will cheer up the space and provide cleaner air, help reduce stress, buffer noise, and boost creativity.

Wellness & Community Hubs

The concept of incorporating wellness into the work environment has been around for a while, but this generation of workers expects not only a greater work/life balance but also a space and work environment that puts them first. Aside from getting everyone spa memberships, here are a few easy to make adjustments you can offer employees and tenants.

  • If you have the space, add a few picnic tables to your outdoor area to encourage workers to eat outside when the weather permits. Choose a 100% recycled plastic model. The fresh air will help reduce stress, create a community hub, and provide a more balanced workplace environment.
  • Offer a daily or weekly yoga, tai chi, meditation, or other class for employees. The cost is minimal as you only have to pay for the instructor’s time. You can hold the class outdoors or even in the lobby after hours. Participants can bring their own mats and water, or you can offer water and post-workout snacks as an additional perk.

Open Plans

More companies than ever are looking to encourage collaboration and communication with open plan design. While some workers like this others say they prefer having their own space.

  • One option is creating a hybrid zone that also doubles as a community hub for workers to collaborate, have lunch, hold meetings with clients and colleagues, and more.
  • For open office plans, some offices are bringing in pods and cubes to provide spaces for private meetings and calls.
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John Milsaps, a Senior Advisor at SVN Commercial Advisory Group, specializes in landlord and seller representation in Tampa's professional office and healthcare real estate sectors. His expertise in commercial office space makes him a trusted advocate for clients seeking strategic real estate solutions.