Easy Upgrades to Improve the Feel of Your Medical Office Space

Easy Upgrades to Improve the Feel of Your Medical Office Space

We’ve all been to that medical office space that makes us feel as though we’ve been transported back in time.  From tacky wallpaper to outdated art, it’s as though nothing has changed since the day the office opened its doors.  The last thing your patients want is to walk into an office that feels like it’s stuck in decades past.  Not only does it create a sense of disconnection from reality, it can also leave your patient feeling as though the medical practitioners inhabiting the space are also dinosaurs in their field.  That’s not exactly a great way to make a positive impression and have them feeling confident in your ability to treat them.  If, however, your practice isn’t in the position to do a full overhaul of the space, don’t worry.  There are some simple upgrades that you can do that will create a whole new feeling in the space without fully depleting your cash flow.


Hands down, the simplest way to give a fresh, new feeling to your medical office space is to clean up and declutter.  As more and more offices go paperless, the seemingly endless stacks of paperwork and files that used to be so synonymous with the medical field are quickly dissipating.  Your patients want to see a clean, tidy, and modern office.  Facilitate this by shredding outdated documentation, scanning paper files into your computer database, and replacing standard new patient paperwork with online options that can be filled out prior to an appointment or in-office paperless options like filling out on tablets or computers.  On top of this, insist that all of your front desk employees maintain a neat and organized workspace.


You may have overlooked what a huge impact painting could have on your medical office space.  Removing old, outdated wallpaper and replacing it with a fresh coat of paint is a relatively simple and cost-effective way to give a whole new feeling to your practice.  Choose warm colors that make your clients feel calm and comfortable, such as blues, beiges, or yellows.  Avoid the sterile feel of an all-white room.

Replace Artwork

upgrade your medical office space with artworkNothing screams 1985 more than the ancient artwork adorning the walls of your medical office space.  Replace dated pieces with more timeless options such as nature scenes or black and white photography.  These will instantly modernize your space, won’t cost a million dollars, and will be reusable if /when you decide to make more changes in the future.


The lighting in your medical office space is another factor that will greatly contribute to the feel of the space.  Harsh, neon lights further add to a cold, sterile feeling.  Replace these bulbs with bulbs that mimic the effect of natural sunlight.  Update fixtures and wall sconces with more modern options as well to create a uniform affect to the whole space.

Medical Office Waiting Area

The waiting area of your medical office space is your patient’s first impression of your entire practice.  If you’re not sure where to start with your upgrades, this is your answer.  It does not, however, mean that you have to replace everything.   Start by using your existing furniture and having it covered with clean and modern material that fits the look and feel you are trying to create.

Improve Air Quality

Older medical office space will often have a lingering odor left over from years of use.  Improve the air quality of your space by hiring a company who can bring machines in that will literally clean the air.  Ozone air purifiers are designed to deodorize, disinfect, kill, and remove any lingering particles in the air that may be causing irritating smells or reactions.

Replace Drop-in Ceilings

The modern medical office space has moved beyond the cheesy drop-in ceilings of decades past.  While sometimes this can be a bigger project (depending on where the electrical wiring for your overhead lighting is), it is possible to remove these drop-down ceilings and replace them with regular drywall and canister lights to greatly impact the visual appeal of your treatment rooms.

Warm it Up with Greenery

Finally, invite some of the outdoors into your medical office space to instantly give it a warmer and more welcoming feel.  Not only do bringing green plants into your space enhance the mood and feel of it, but certain plants can also help to clean the air naturally.

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