Investment Sales

Do you have a commercial property that is sitting empty? Why waste another moment with it vacant? Working with a skilled commercial real estate agent can help you turn that space into a money-making investment. How might a commercial real estate agent help you with your investment sales?

They Will Assess Your Space

A good commercial real estate agent will work diligently to assess your space and compare it to other similar properties on the current market. They will also sit with you to establish a feasible budget for your project. Based on their findings and your conversation, they will advise you what, if any, changes or upgrades you should consider investing in to bring the property up to par with the competition. Once this is determined, they will offer you access to their vast database of skilled and trusted industry professionals to ensure that the job is done right. The ending result is a property that your agent will be able to showcase in even the most competitive market.

They Will Help You to Find the Right Tenant

Finding the right tenant for your space is an imperative next move. Your commercial real estate agent understands that you’re not looking for just anybody to occupy your space. You want a tenant that is reliable and trustworthy, and whose business is well-established and financially stable. You will also want to find somebody who is looking for long-term occupancy so that you can guarantee that your space won’t be sitting empty for any considerable amount of time in the near future. Your agent will use his/her existing connections to find your ideal tenant quickly and efficiently.

They Will Work to Negotiate Your Lease

Once the perfect tenant is ready to sign off on your space, your commercial real estate agent becomes your negotiator. They are protecting your best interests and working hard to represent those in the terms of the lease put forth to your tenant. Chances are good that your tenant won’t readily accept your initial offer, and so the negotiation process ensues. Your agent will be there to walk you through the entire process, advising you where it may be in your best interests to concede, and where you should continue pushing forth for terms that are important to you. Once a final agreement is settled upon and drafted with the help of your legal team, your agent will be there to ensure that the signing goes smoothly and quickly.

They Will Help You to Keep Your Space Occupied

A well-established relationship between a commercial real estate agent and his/her client lasts far beyond the initial transaction. When your lease is up and your space is once again empty, your agent will be there again to re-assess the property and to help you fill the space with a quality tenant. An empty property is simply a drain on your wallet and your agent understands this. A good agent is constantly working to expand their network, guaranteeing that when the time comes, they will once again be able to match you with your perfect occupant.

What Makes John Different?

With so many commercial real estate agents in the Tampa area, it’s important to understand what sets John apart from the rest. John’s extensive research in the areas of supply characteristics, demand drivers, market dynamics, trends, and portfolio strategy in the Tampa Bay area help his clients to secure a better understanding of the opportunities and risks they may face when making important decisions regarding their property. Pair this knowledge base with John’s pervasive understanding in the sector of professional and medical office space, his tenacious personality, commitment to his clients, and ability to utilize the breadth of the SVN brand to find quality buyers, and you are looking at a recipe for success. Success, to John, is defined as a sales agreement that is beneficial, simple, and ethical for both the seller and the buyer. He has made it his mission to constantly evolve and grow as the needs of the market do to ensure the he keeps a competitive edge and stands apart from his competition.

Your Investment Sales Agent

If you are looking to turn your empty property into an investment in Tampa or the surrounding areas, contact John today at (813) 597-6600, or connect via the contact form below.