What’s the Difference between a Commercial Leasing Agent and Property Manager?

What’s the Difference between a Commercial Leasing Agent and Property Manager?

Many newcomers to leasing commercial property get an education when dealing with the commercial realtor. On a regular basis, a commercial leasing agent will have all the paperwork prepared to list a property for lease. Oftentimes, the commercial property owner (landlord) will ask a leasing agent, “Does this include the leasing agent collecting the rent and managing the property?”   They are usually surprised to learn there is a difference between a leasing agent and a property manager.  Sometimes, this person or company may offer both services, but it is important to understand the difference.

Tampa Commercial LeasingTampa Commercial Leasing Agent

Leasing agents are professional sales people who market your vacant space, generate interested prospects and conduct tours. Once they find a prospective tenant, they help a commercial property owner in negotiating a lease and its terms, but their role in the property ends after that point.  Finding tenants requires a unique set of skills, as well as a different time commitment, from keeping an investment property running.   If a property owner has a management company that does not include leasing as a part of its services, using an experienced leasing agent  is an excellent way to stay hands-off with the property.

What to expect from a commercial leasing agent:

♦ Valuing a property, calculating lease rate
♦ Marketing a property
♦ Procuring a tenant
♦ Screening and qualifying a prospective tenant
♦ Preparing lease paperwork

Tampa Commercial Property Manager

A property manager collects rents, pays bills and coordinates maintenance.  Commercial property managers normally charge a monthly fee.  The benefit of hiring a commercial property manager is that it makes ownership easier throughout the year by fielding requests, phone calls, and bills.

What to expect from a commercial property manager:

♦ Collecting rent
♦ Regular property inspections
♦ Pays Bills

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