The Tampa Area is Growing By Leaps & Bounds. So, where is everybody going?

The Tampa Area is Growing By Leaps & Bounds. So, where is everybody going?

Hillsborough County’s population is projected to grow more than the Tampa MSA, the state of Florida, and the nation by 2025. As people move out of high-density metros, many look to the Tampa area.

Both Hillsborough & Pasco counties are expected to grow at a faster rate than Florida and the U.S. market as a whole. Hillsborough’s rate of growth over the 2020-2025 period is expected to be 8.3% while Pasco comes in at 7.8%, and Pinellas County comes in at 3.6%. Hillsborough is projected to add 123,300 more residents by 2025.



Essential questions for office, industrial, & retail property owners…

  • 📌 Where in our area are folks moving?

  • 📌 What zip codes are expected to grow the fastest?


2020-2025 Hillsborough Country Growth By Zip Cope


👉 Tampa zip code 33602 is projected to grow the most at 22% followed by:

  • 📌 Riverview 33578 at 17.3%

  • 📌 Lithia 33547 at 15.6%

  • 📌 Ruskin 33570 at 14.5%

  • 📌 Riverview 33579 at 14.1%

  • 📌 Gibsonton 33534 at 13.3%

Tampa zip code 33647 continues to have the highest population density but lands at an approximate 11.19% rate of growth for the period.

The map below illustrates the Hillsborough Country population growth clusters for the 2020-2025 period.


Tampa Area growth by Zip code 2020-2025
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